Why we’re fighting


Cleaning staff are rightly up in arms about this situation. It’s highway robbery and exploitation all at once, and they’re willing to fight to stop it.

Phil Dickens, PCS HMRC North West Regional Organiser

If I have my hours cut any further, it won’t be worthwhile for me to stay in work. I’ll have to sign back onto the dole and leave my job.

A, HMRC cleaner

We are all losing an hour a week, that’s £26 a month. No reduction in the work. Some of us will need to claim more Tax credits and help with rent off the state. We are all angry, even the manager telling us of the decision said they thought it was wrong.

N, HMRC cleaner

We haven’t had a payrise in four years. Last year, ISS made redundancies and the workload of the one who left was added to the workload of those left. It’s increased stress and sickness. Something needs to be done.

M, HMRC cleaner

There’s no justification for these cuts. When it suits them, ISS will give us overtime in order to pass audits, because they know they don’t have the staff to do the job. But when they have to pay us more on a regular basis they make cuts.

P, HMRC cleaner