The Living Wage

The majority of cleaning staff employed by ISS are paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW), currently set at £6.70 for workers aged 21 and over. This is the legal minimum that the employer can get away with paying, and far from adequate to live on.

ISS declares proudly on their website that they “are committed to supporting a Living Wage so that all of our workers can afford a basic standard of living.” Yet its employees on the HMRC estate fall short of the £8.25 per hour rate that the Living Wage Foundation has calculated is necessary for an employee to “achieve an adequate level of warmth and shelter, a healthy palatable diet, social integration and avoidance of chronic stress.”

How little lip service ISS pays to their commitment is demonstrated by the fact that the amount they pay their supervisors has completely stagnated, so that with the introduction of the government’s so-called National Living Wage in April 2016, they will be receiving the exact same rate of pay as all other cleaning staff despite a higher level of responsibility.

We demand:

  • That ISS cleaners are paid at least the Living Wage as defined by the Living Wage Foundation, currently £8.25 per hour, and that supervisory staff pay is raised to £10 per hour, with annual cost of living increases.