Over several years, ISS has implemented cuts not only to the number of staff it has employed on the HMRC estate but also to the amount of hours that they are contracted to. This has a direct and negative effect on the finances, health and workloads of ISS staff, but also on the condition of the HMRC estate within which directly employed staff work.

Due to their low pay, many cleaners will depend on in-work benefits in order to survive. Often, these are conditional on working a certain number of hours, and cuts to hours may not only mean an immediate drop in wages but a loss of benefits.

At the same time, while the amount of space that needs cleaning remains the same, the time and number of people to do it is significantly less. This means that cleaners are being over-worked, which can result not only in significant stress but also possibly physical injuries.

We demand:

  • That ISS ensure that there are enough staff to do the job, by offering increased working hours where the cleaners want them and by recruiting more staff as necessary.