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The cleaners work in HMRC buildings across Merseyside and need your support.

ISS have refused to negotiate so cleaners in Liverpool and Bootle have been forced to take Industrial Action to get ISS to the negotiating table.

While taking part in this action, they need your help and support. Making a small donation could help make all the difference in the success of the strike action that cleaning staff take to improve their pay and conditions.

All funds raised will go directly to the cleaning staff employed by ISS UK in HMRC buildings on Mersyside.

The funds will be used to make up strike pay to help those who lose out while taking part in industrial action.

If the action is successful and any funds are no longer required, anything left over will be donated to the PCS Fighting Fund to go towards industrial action by other comrades in PCS.

If you can spare some cash to help their fight it will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate online here.