ISS cleaners ballot for strike action

PCS is balloting cleaners working for ISS in six HMRC buildings across Merseyside over possible industrial action. The ballot is a response to their employer using the introduction of the government’s national living wage to make cuts in hours. The national living wage came into force in April, giving over-25s on the minimum wage a... Continue Reading →


Lively, well-supported demonstration ignites cleaners’ campaign

Cleaners from HMRC offices in Bootle and Liverpool demonstrated today (18 march) in opposition to proposed cuts to their hours by their employer ISS. The demonstration took place in Derby Square in Liverpool City Centre, and was well attended by both cleaning staff and supporters. Several hundred leaflets were handed out to members of the... Continue Reading →

HMRC cleaners to demonstrate for living wage

Cleaners employed in HM Revenue & Customs offices will be protesting in Liverpool this Friday (18 March) after it emerged that they will face cuts to hours and possible redundancies to pay for the new minimum wage rate. The demonstration will take place from 12.30pm in Derby Square. Cleaners from HMRC offices in Liverpool City... Continue Reading →

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