Merseyside cleaners win back pay

Tribunal settlement marks second victory over cuts

Cleaners working for ISS on Merseyside have won back the money they lost when their hours were cut, in the settlement of an Employment Tribunal claim.

The claim was put in on the basis that they had their hours cut in order to pay for the increase of the minimum wage for over 25s. Under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998, it is unlawful for workers to suffer a detriment such as a cut in hours in response to an increase in the minimum wage.

The cleaners, who are all members of PCS, first made national headlines when they took strike action over the cuts to their hours. After a two day strike, and with a further three day strike threatened, ISS agreed to reinstate the hours that had been cut.

Following this, they submitted grievances to the company to claim back the pay that they had lost in the time between their hours being cut and them being reinstated. With the full support of the union, they followed this up with an Employment Tribunal claim through Thompson’s Solicitors.

The company agreed to settle out of court, and every cleaner got the additional money that they would have received had their hours not been cut. They were also given the same amount again as compensation for the unlawful detriment they suffered.

This marks the second victory for these PCS members on Merseyside. It goes to
show that a relatively small group of workers can take on a multinational company and win – there is power in a union!

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