How you can support the cleaners’ strike

On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 July, cleaners working for ISS in Liverpool and Bootle tax offices are on strike.

It is now vital that everybody supports the cleaners in their fight for fair pay without staffing cuts. Here’s how you can show your solidarity.

Join the picket line

Cleaners will be picketing during the two days of the strike action, and everyone who is able to come down and offer support is welcome. The more the merrier!

Picket lines can be found in the following locations:


Litherland House, Litherland Road, Bootle (map) – 7am to 9.30am

The Triad, Stanley Road, Bootle (map) – 7am to 12pm


Graeme House and Regian House, Derby Square, Liverpool (map) – 3pm-5pm

Imperial Court, Exchange Street East, Liverpool (map) – 12.30pm-2pm

Donate to the strike fund

While taking part in this action, cleaners need your help and support. If you can spare some cash to help their fight, it would be greatly appreciated.

All funds raised will go directly to the cleaning staff employed by ISS UK in HMRC buildings on Mersyside. The funds will be used to make up strike pay to help those who lose out while taking part in industrial action.

If the action is successful and any funds are no longer required, anything left over will be donated to the PCS Fighting Fund to go towards industrial action by other comrades in PCS.

You can donate at picket lines or online here.

Send a message of solidarity

Messages of solidarity from trade union branches, local trades’ councils, other organisations and individuals are all welcome and these should be sent to

Get organised

If your branch has ISS cleaners in it, or you are an ISS cleaner reading this and you are affected by the issues listed above, you can join in the fight. PCS has placed its demands on behalf of all cleaning staff working for ISS of the HMRC estate, and although those in Merseyside are the first to take action, as the campaign progresses, the greater the involvement of ISS members across the department, the greater the prospect of success.

Any action beyond Liverpool and Bootle will require an additional ballot, however the Group are more than willing to facilitate this. Contact the Group Office at R& if you feel that cleaners in your branch are ready to join the campaign.

Sign and share the petition

There is an online petition in support of PCS’s demands. Please sign it and encourage other members in your workplace and branch to do so. You can find it online here.


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